Exquisite Designer Estate Sale - Heathwood in Columbia, SC November 21- -23

Follow us to our next estate sale in Heathwood! This will probably be the GRANDEST event TO DATE for our company. This beautiful home is one of the highest end designer furnished estates we have had in quite a while. You will want to be sure you come prepared to be blown away! There will be little negotiating and many items as they are ALL Priced to sell at value for all.

Largest Majolica Collection we have had
English Iron Stone
Sterling Silver
Persian Rugs
Paris Porcelain
Oil Painting
Antique Furnishing
Reproduction Furnishings
French Walnut Side Board
19th Century Hepplewhite Side Board
There may be a chance of us handing out numbers in this sale - the house is over 5000 sq st but we will want to avoid the rush and any potential breakage. Bring your checkbooks, credit / debit cards and cash! You will be highly impressed and happy you chose to attend this Heathwood event.

Don't forget our Black Friday Warehouse Sale at 1929 Hampton St. 29201 - still accepting quality items to add at this time!

Exquisite Designer Estate - Heathwood in Columbia, SC November 21 - 23: 001 (1/119)

Exquisite Designer Estate - Heathwood in Columbia, SC November 21 - 23: 002 (2/119)

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Address of Sale:
4101 Kilbourne Road
Columbia, SC  29205


Dates and times:
November 21   11 - 4
November 22   10 - 3
November 23   1 - 4

No one does an event like the EstateSaleGuys of South Carolina - Trust me when I say - you DON'T want to miss this one! 

Remember our saying -"You're not giving it away - you're sharing it!"


Please inspect your purchases before you leave, as all sales are final.